STS Benefits For Utilities, Manufacturers & Users

STS Benefits for Utilities

Why should utilities insist on STS compliant electricity dispensers and vending systems?

The Standard Transfer Specification provides interoperability between any certified STS compliant electricity dispensers and electricity vending systems, regardless of who supplied the equipment. To use STS compliant equipment, utilities do not need an STS License, but the supplier will need to be an STS Licensee and the particular equipment must have an STS Compliance Certificate.


The success of the STS lies in that it is: internationally recognised, having been published as an International Standard by IEC in 2007. an open standard, allowing STS-compliant equipment from any number of suppliers to be integrated into an electricity sales system. a secure standard - the encryption technology used has proved to be extremely robust. supported by complementary specifications and standards, for prepayment meters and vending systems. simple for customers to use.