Membership Options

Benefits of being a Non-Voting Member - for manufacturers of metering and vending equipment

You can submit your meter equipment to the STS test facility for certification.
If your meter is certified as being STS compliant, you can use the STS Logo on your product.
You can advertise that your metering equipment is STS Certified.
You can use the services of the STS Key Management Centre.
You are listed on the STS website as a supplier of STS Compliant equipment.


Benefits of being a STS Sub-Metering Licensee - for sub metering service providers

  • Your company can provide profitable sub-metering services to building owners.
  • You have recourse when requiring Supply Group Code transfers.

Benefits of being a Voting Member - for participating in the governance of the association

  • You get all the benefits of being a licensee.
  • You are entitled to vote at the AGM.
  • You may be elected to serve on the board of the association.
  • You may participate in STS technical work-groups.

After you have decided if you want to be a member or a licensee, you will need to download the application form and contract. Please forward the signed and completed application form and contract to the secretariat of the STS Association at fax number +27 86 688 7005. You will receive an invoice and will be required to pay the invoice before the application can be finalized.

Once the Board has approved your application to become a licensee or a member, you will be given a membership or licensee certificate and your name will be listed on the website of the STS Association.

Members or licensees that are in arrears with the payment of annual subscription fees will be suspended and such companies will not be able to use the STS mark on products and marketing material, and will not have access to the KMC or other STS services.